What we offer about Development

Let Viglos assist you in building reliable, custom software solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our team is always on the move to ensure that we empower you in creating innovative, engaging platforms, while also ensuring rapid time to market.

More than business partners

Today, custom software solutions  are appreciated by users who make sense of their use. Even with all acquired resources, the complexity of creating a final product might seem like a hard task with respect to time.

If you’re looking for software development services you can rely on, Viglos is here to. With us, you have access to:

  • Fast, dependable product development
  • Customisable software/app development that fits your requirements
  • Increasing your company’s value
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Boost productivity

Our Software Development Approach

Viglos has set high standards in ensuring our clients’ software development process achieves excellence. Our approach is all about developing and maintaining software applications through designing, testing, programming, planning, bug fixing and more.



Product Development

With mature, software methodologies, design thinking, and more than 10 years of experience, Viglos offers a strong combination of services to enhance the product development process.

As a tech company, we are well aware that your software is where you conduct all interactions with your customers. It is basically where the value of a company is based.

Therefore, building software-enabled products brings some challenges with it. It requires state-of-the-art technology, close collaboration, and a proper understanding of the market and customer requirements.

Backend Development Services

The back-end is usually termed as the backbone that connects and interconnects components of software application. Most software applications or mobile applications require a backend server that processes and manages data.

Backend development is a vital component of any software application, hence, without efficient back-end web development support, customers cannot have a good experience on your platform.

Viglos is at your service to offer you comprehensive backend development services. We are keen on offering security, accuracy and consistent performance.

Frontend Development Services

The Viglos team is aware of all your business objectives and strives to create outstanding solutions that meet your needs. We leverage the best front-end development technologies and methodologies. We aim to engage your customers and deliver superb user experience. We build complex web applications, mobile applications, single page applications, and cross-browser and cross-platform websites.

For example, attractive, interactive and visually appealing web front-end pages are important for any business to drive more traffic. They are a presentation of the organisation and vital when it comes to branding and boosting the confidence of the prospective customer. Viglos offers frontend and UI development services to guarantee the best usability, dependability and UX design.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile applications and software are changing the tech world and making it more user-friendly. Startups, large scale businesses and organisations are relying on mobile application development to push their brand, increase visibility, accessibility, and more. We integrate UX designs and custom development strategies to provide a wide range of cutting-edge mobile application development services such as:

  • Cloud mobility.
  • App prototyping and strategy.
  • Enterprise application development.
  • Application maintenance services.
  • Full-stack mobile development services.