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Are you worried about developing your business website? Viglos is right at your service. We offer essential web solutions including Content Management Systems (CMS) that save our customers from writing all those difficult lines of code. There are easier ways to carry out a complex and content-focused website.

CMS are basically software that one can use before publishing them on the web to manage or prepare documents. They provide a wide range of styles and templates to choose from so as to represent the basic outlay and structure of different navigation menus.

With these CMS platforms, we are able to make your website design and development venture smoothly. These platforms are quite helpful for users who are not well versed with coding skills. Let us help you find a suitable one to go with your business necessities.  Without being a web developer, CMS systems have provided average users with the ability to create and maintain high-quality websites. To make the selection criteria easy, here are some of the most common CMS available:

Some of the most used web platforms:


In the beginning, WordPress was used as a blogging platform. However, these days it’s a content management system used for functional web development. It is also used to redesign your website with adaptability to mobile applications.

Its main technology is PHP with a background in SQL database, making it the best-protected content management system that can be used in various ways with a variety of plug-ins. Due to its ease of use, most web developers and business owners prefer using WordPress as their choice of CMS.

Building websites with WordPress is more efficient as one can get a lot of options with themes and plugins to play around and help you build the kind of website you envision. As a matter of fact, major brands like Sony, CNN, LinkedIn, DELL and more use WordPress.

There are different tools from WordPress developer that help them perform their tasks efficiently. The platform facilitates the construction of websites in a different platform such as informative site, photographic site, AdSense site, etc. Furthermore, Google search prefers WordPress and enables your site to get good ranking preferences.

Some key features of WordPress include:

  • It provides a variety of add-on options to enhance the performance of your eCommerce store.
  • Modest interface to manage your content.
  • Very flexible when it comes to the type of website you want to build.
  • Has tools for publishing such as scheduling of publications.
  • Easy text editor to split your content into sections and style them.
  • Secure system for uploading and storing images.
  • Ability to use plugins and extend the characteristics of your website. Some plugins are free, while others one gets charged for.

Joomla CMS for Website Development

Joomla, from the Swahili word Jumla, meaning all “together”, is like an open-source project run by a volunteer community. Compared to WordPress, it is highly customisable and is at times easier to use compared to Drupal or WordPress. It is basically PHP-based and uses MYSQL to store content. This CMS will help us build your desired website project such as an Informative Website, Business Website, E-commerce website and more.

Some of the key features of Joomla include:

  • It is a solid choice compare to the simplicity of WordPress and the potent Drupal.
  • It is efficient in making a personal, small blog, or enormous eCommerce store with thousands of pages.
  • It is very reliable, flexible and it is an all-purpose solution.

This software is great when it comes to web stores.


Drupal is an open-source website development CMS that suits informative websites, social networking websites, member websites, forums, blogs and more. It is flexible and can be designed for various business needs. Even though it’s not as user-friendly as WordPress or Joomla, it is denser than others.

Drupal is quite flexible and can handle managing all types of content such as videos, polls, user management, podcasts, statistics, texts and more. With a wide variety of plugins and its open-source nature, it enables developing of one’s own plugins to be used on the site. The script covers graphics management and lets one make an easy and more complex page configuration.

Key features of Drupal include:

  • It is flexible in creating and managing a wide variety of content types not limited to videos, polls, blogs, podcasts, and statistics.
  • It is highly customizable and boasts over 16,000 modules and plug-ins.
  • Excellent at alternating between periods of constant traffic and high traffic spikes.

Being an open-source community, it offers extensive public documentation, well-developed discussion boards, chat and mailing lists, alongside an air of approachable online culture.


Magento is one of the best e-commerce websites developed by CMS. It uses Zend PHP, databases MQL and can, therefore, support a simple shopping cart program and other features. It has potent and flexible features such as an intuitive interface and contains tools for management and control over the products’ appearance.

With this platform, we are able to provide our customers with a great training opportunity that helps them get the benefit out of its implementation. The platform is easy to use and seamlessly enables the work of servicing clients.

Key Features:

  • Magento offers SEO-friendly management, templates, and easy post publishing.
  • Magento is commerce-oriented and focuses on providing top-tier services for mobile commerce, multi-store management, and marketing, etc.
  • With Magento, there are a variety of CSS customization options available for web design.
  • Magento is known for providing advanced SEO solutions and keeping up with mobile web design standards.
  • Magento’s heavy-duty platform enables one to keep load times down, even when you are dealing with a massive influx of users.


Known as the most flexible open-source e-commerce option, WooCommerce comes with a strong in-built CMS. It helps create, modify and expand the role of the online store according to one’s personal style.

The features on WooCommerce enables you to:

  • Have full control over your own resources – Developers provide unlimited content management, code editing and customization settings.
  • Diversity – a variety of goods are sold on trading platforms using various services, downloadable products, household appliances, and much more.
  • Powerful and Reliable – creating projects of the same premium level
  • High Security – the plugin is safe from threats and vulnerabilities and our team is always updating the security system and work to eliminate the flaws and improve protection against cyber-attacks.
  • Optimization for mobile platforms – Images are of high quality on the PC and smartphone. The system optimizes any content so as to be more user-friendly.
  • Multilingual – The application has many languages including English, French, German and other languages.


SugarCRM is a cloud-based application that handles sales automation, marketing automation, account management and customer relationship management needs. SugarCRM has customizable features such as home pages, new-user “wizard” tool, shortcut bars, enhanced-view global search functions and downloadable plugins.

SugarCRM is built on an open-source platform and gives one freedom to customize the solution to fit varied company needs. SugarCRM also incorporates with many third-party systems and is able to handle new modules that users create with in-built tools. Its software supports Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle systems.

This platform is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution. It can be tailored according to particular usage, including an offline synchronization feature that ensures the data is always updated.


Moodle is a free online Learning Management System that allows teachers to create their own private online hub filled with a variety of courses for unlimited training. It provides a comprehensive list of learner-driven processes and collaborative learning environments that handle both teaching and learning processes.


Key Features:

  • Easy to Use – Moodle is a user-friendly LMS with an easy interface and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Open-source and always upgraded – The Moodle platform is analysed and upgraded to tackle the changing preferences of its huge user base. It has a modular configuration that facilitates quick and cost-effective software development process.
  • Multi-lingual – Moodle comes in 100 languages, making it readily customizable thanks to its open-source user community that makes translation possible.
  • Robust, Private and Secure – Moodle has a strong information security feature that is regularly updated to ensure powerful protection to counter against illegal access and prevent fraudulent use and loss of data. For further data security, you can deploy the platform on a private secure server or cloud.

Compatibility – being that it is an online platform, it is accessible anytime, anywhere, and has access on any device

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Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.


Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.


Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

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