Our Company

General Information

Viglos is one of the world’s largest IT solutions companies provider that believes in serving customers with result-oriented services.

As global IT provider, Viglos has grown to provide expert technological solutions for private and public customers in Latin America, North America, Asia and the Pacific at large.

The committed professionals at Viglos work hard and diligently towards providing services such as Software Development, Marketing, E-commerce Platforms and Hosting and Web Domain Registration; also performance-based software solution systems.

Team Work

Viglos is a global provider of IT and software services catering to various technology platforms across diverse industry domains on a global scale. What makes us unique is the pool of diverse professionals who have had years of experience, industry expertise and a real understading of what to do so as to succeed.

The only way to create great results is to work with people that enjoy to do their job. This is one way to guarantee that we are the best choice for all your projects. As a team, we are open to collaboration, solving problems and working together as a whole to ensure that our services are the best.

We believe in constant development and innovation towards working on additional features and improvements.

Every member in our team is a unique specialist with comprehensive knowledge and experience in all main fields of IT and software development.

Key Organizations at Viglos

Design Team – We not only understand how to create great visuals, but we also enjoy a strong foundation in the development of both public and enterprise apps. Our design team is driven by giving people access to superb technology. That is why we ensure we provide nothing but sleek and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.


Development Team – Our development team provides development, implementation, and customization services for a variety of platforms at the best quality. They have more than 10 years of experience in those fields and has successfully overcome many challenges.

Our Principles

Our Vision

Develop and grow consistently as a major worldwide IT service provider and delivering quality technological solutions in the competitive global marketplace. Our professional approach, flexibility and the integrated process are seen in how we guide our clients to achieve success.

Ethics and Compliance

Strong values in following an ethics and compliance program that is built on our organization’s values and principles. This creates a working culture for us that emphasizes on achieving outstanding quality and business outcomes.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe diversity drives innovation and collaboration, enabling everyone to benefit from collective skills, passion and values. Our aim is to embrace the creativity of our customers and partners in the communities we operate and create inclusive environments where everyone contributes positively for better outcomes.


By supporting employee education, we empower our employees to determine their own destiny and be involved in the growth and success of the company. We also offer training and support to our clients so as to ensure they get the maximum value out of what we offer.

Community Engagement

We understand the success of our local and international community is vital to our success as a business. We support them by actively promoting science, technology and computer programs to empower people to create and develop their own porpoises.