Whether you need help with software or technical-related issues, our team of highly experienced experts, combined with a staff of certified support professionals can provide your business with IT solutions that will keep you constantly at the forefront of innovation and growth. We have real solutions for:

Business Solutions

Viglos is passionate about helping other businesses succeed. Our IT software solutions professionals are here to help create new systems and modify existing ones to provide software solutions to large and small businesses.

Many businesses today need IT software professionals due to the increased demand for computer software in the business sector. Threats to computer security results in more investment in security software to protect computer networks and electronic infrastructure too.

We offer cutting-edge software solutions and integrated IT Services with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of your business. With skilful knowledge and experience in development of software solutions, we are confident our team of experts are up to the task. Our business solutions include:

Website Content Management

Businesses need Content Management Systems to create and manage content without much technical know-how or a hefty budget. Using CMS, our experts will allow multiple users to manage the content, information and data of a website, project or internet application. We guarantee our clients of:

Stunning Graphic Design

A great website comprises of an outstanding design coupled with outstanding technology. Our team is highly qualified to provide businesses with a website design that is in line with their brand, looks impressive to clients and meets all their objectives. The design will be cutting-edge and enable businesses to get updates while also improving the outlook and providing valuable information.


As we work to develop custom software solutions, we also provide application maintenance and support services to all our clients. Our experts give daily support services for an agreed period of time so that you can focus your resources on other business operations. These services include system enhancement, help desk support, technical Support, IT security services, periodic health check, problem Management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Hosting and Management

Having your web hosting and domain registration managed by the same company makes things seamless and organized. You can have peace of mind knowing Viglos has got all your web management needs sorted. We have the resources to manage domain name registration as direct access to support portals ensures our clients enjoy quality services. Centralized management and billing solutions for both the web hosting and domain registration services will guarantee satisfaction to all our clients’ requirements. We can register a new domain name for you and transfer an existing domain you already own.

Development and integration of extended functionalities

We provide development and integration of extended functionalities by including software and business processes. This helps eliminate redundant information and processes that may reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The integration of extended functionalities provides a fully-integrated, intuitive platform where one can analyze, monitor and conduct the majority of data-driven tasks. On a single database, we are able to collect, store and analyze data across all departments. This ensures seamless communication within your organization/business.

Availability and Security

Content includes a broad spectrum of written documentation such as business documents, user manuals, articles, blogs, etc. Every company stores information and uses CMS to smoothen the workflow and enhance overall quality. It promotes availability by making it possible for multiple users to work on the platform no matter where the location is. We guarantee security and protection of content from hackers. Your business will have complete access to your content 24/7, allowing the monitoring of security access and alerts at any time.

Client’s email configuration

Our experts will harness the capabilities of CMS to set up email configuration. We can offer integration with platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. or provide other commercial clients email solutions. We can provide marketers with a powerful Email campaigns management module, enabling marketers to plan and run promotional campaigns efficiently for the business.

Migration to our own platform

If you want to migrate your content to our server, then you can count on us to facilitate the migration process. Our services include migrating files, databases, emails, and configuration of files in a secure and efficient way. Even though content migration can be time consuming and costly, we have perfected our migration process by using our tools to reduce time and costs of migration-valuable-content assets to new platforms.

Development and Migration of Complex Software Systems

Software Development

Our professionalism and unique approach in such things like paying attention to detail, precision, and analytical skills enable us effectively handle the development and migration of complex software systems.


Process for Software Development Projects

Requirements Management

  • Determining the functional and non-functional needs, data flows and user interface components
  • Assess, approve and document software vision and define the project scope


Software Prototyping

  • Provide specifications for the desired outcome
  • Prototypes for quick testing and modification
  • Proof-of-concept to evaluate and validate the solution with stakeholders before the development begins


Product Architecture

  • Analysis of possible product use cases and application scenarios to identify technically unsuitable or expensive functions
  • Proposal of the most appropriate technology stacks
  • Delivery of sophisticated system architectures that are compatible with different environments


Software Development

  • Implementing the requirements so as to take customer feedback into account at an early stage
  • Integrated testing including test case specification and test automation (if applicable) for a stable and clearly defined software from day 1 of development.

Software Migration

Viglos enables one to maintain the value of their past technology investments through software migration. We help reduce high operating and maintenance costs, and can also help you upgrade your software to make use of new, modern technologies that are more efficient.


Process of software migration:


  • Sustainability analysis of software architecture
  • Analysis of technologies
  • Source Code Analysis / Code Review
  • Security check
  • User Experience Analysis

Modernization of the production line

  • Identifying dependency management
  • Continuous integration
  • Test automation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Static code analysis

Modernization of the Software

  • Conversion of monoliths into a service landscape
  • Selective new development
  • Modularization / detachment of services from existing software
  • Porting / Migration
  • Cloud Porting

Keys for Successful Software Development and Migration:

Modelling and Design

Viglos implements your ideas, transforms them into scalable, strong, and adaptable market-ready software solutions. In case you need an improvement from old software, we can extend functionality of existing applications by adding new functions and modules to extend the capabilities of your current software. We are able to offer outsourced software development to organisations with specific technological expertise.

Training and Support

Successful installations of complex software development and migration require experience in many aspects. From planning to design, to integration and installation, we will provide training and support throughout the entire process, after which we will provide user training and skill transfer.


Whether you’re seeking post-project support following a new implementation or completed a new migration, we can help by providing a wide range of technical support including providing system updates so as to reduce education costs when hiring and training additional technical resources.

Availability and Security

Taking a security and quality assurance approach is the best way to ensure proper software development and migration process. All our application modifications undergo both automated and manual testing, including full performance and vulnerability testing before the commercial deployment. We guarantee 24/7 secure availability to all the stakeholders and protection against any data breaches by perpetrators.

Online Marketing

As you focus on your business goals and optimize ROI, we’ll use our tools and skills to understand your online market and competitors’ channels. We’ll help you:

Understand your market

Internet marketing

It may be complicated for businesses to comprehend. We advise that you begin with a marketing plan and help you understand the field even as your business grows.

Stand Out

Changing your strategies can improve your brand and make you acquire a competitive edge against your competitors.

Maintaining Consistency

We’ll help businesses come up with a consistent approach, empower them and enable their image stay relevant on their marketing platforms.


We’ll help your business track its success by performing

  • Website Analysis
  • Product and Services Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Analysis

Solutions for Governments

As custom software development becomes vital in accomplishing any program’s purpose, many regulators in government find themselves faced with the challenge of handling the unfamiliar by overseeing the design and implementation of a digital product that is functional, user-friendly, and necessary for accomplishing a program’s mission.

We know how important it is for governments to get the most out of technology. With over 10 years of experience, we can anticipate your needs. We’re here to make it easier and build to help serve citizens and save time. Our solutions are built to help you serve your citizens better.

We understand that government software development requires a specific set of skills. Therefore, we have developed a cost-effective methodologies that give governments all the functionality they need and position them for long-term success.

Our government software solutions are hosted applications, meaning you won’t need any extra internal hardware or software to access them. If you are looking to improve citizen service while saving staff time, we have proven solutions which can be easily implemented on your software platform.


Keys for Success of Government Software Solutions

Stability and Availability

Providing access to real-time information empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions in the moment for better outcomes. We understand that your day can be hectic to hunt for information on short notice. Viglos keeps mission-sensitive data within reach. We can monitor key data metrics through interactive charts and graphs for quicker, better-informed decision making. We can easily find the data you’re looking for with global search, and powerful filter and sorting capabilities.

Training and Support

Providing continued support is paramount for the success of government software implementation. Educating the masses will facilitate smoother implementation and ensure progress is on track. Tutorial videos and online material is also another avenue to support software rollout. Viglos already has a knowledge base of support materials for you to access and share with your team.


We take security seriously, even when it’s not for government institutions. Security isn’t just embedded into our software, it’s embedded into the very fabric of our organization. Our policies and controls safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of your information. Our technology protects you by ensuring each component of our trusted platform undergoes regular and thorough security scrutiny.


Your data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your data remains secure and protected. This is mainly done by following regular updates for security vulnerabilities.


You can sleep soundly knowing your software’s got your back. We are able to analyse your data while you work and automate tracking of vital information while away. You can share the alerted information with anyone in the organization and view items just by the click of a button.

Reliable Solutions for IT Professionals

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on running other important aspects of the business. We offer services such as:

Cloud hosting

Times are moving and now in-house hosting is costly, inefficient and outdated. Let us help you move to cloud hosting and alleviate you of the challenge of managing servers. You are guaranteed of reliable services, daily back-ups, and competitive rates.

Software Consultation

Technical solutions can be quite complex to deal with especially if you’re intending to change your technology. With our experienced technicians, we provide dependable technical analysis that exceed your needs.

Web Domain Registration

Your domain name represents your brand, your public image, and your professional reputation. It’s an important piece of your online presence. It’s the first thing people see when they visit you, therefore, buying a domain name registration means making some important decisions. Viglos is the domain registrar that has everything you need to get the right domain name for your personal or business website.